Alps Taxi Bilo COVID-19 Measures

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, travel restrictions apply to many countries. When entering or leaving Austria, there may be examination/proof requirements, a digital registration requirement, a proof requirement and a quarantine requirement when entering through certain areas.

Please enquire with the authorities of the respective countries about the applicable regulations before booking.

Over the last two years we have received hundreds of cancellations due to the global pandemic. All customers who have pre-paid and cancelled their bookings have received a full refund. We know that travel plans change and during an epidemic flexibility is more important than ever. We continue to offer the most generous cancellation policy in our business and will continue to process refunds as usual during these uncertain times. However, we ask that you cancel your trip if you feel ill. You can do this at any time and receive a full refund.


As a leading provider of transport services, we take extensive measures to ensure that our drivers comply with enhanced safety measures for all our passengers and for themselves. The health and safety of our passengers and our drivers is our top priority. 


Upon request, our passengers can sanitize their hands before starting their journey and are provided with an FFP2 mask, which both the driver and the passenger must wear during the journey. In the following you will find a list of the security measures we are currently taking. 


The driver applies the appropriate personal sanitization procedures at the end of each trip. Vehicles are sanitized both before and after each trip.  The driver sanitizes seats, door handles, and surfaces with which the previous passenger may have come into contact. Physical contact with the customer is kept to a minimum, and a verbal greeting is offered.